About Us

Welcome to Chahat Homestay

“Peace comes from within, Do not seek it without” The chahat home stay is located at the hilly area of . A place without the assise of network, just the essence of nature. You will come to know that it is a treasure that will never end because from the starting of your journey until the end, you are to witness the beauty, the freshness, the buddha stupa (which symbolizes positivity) the views of from the hills and a peaceful environment.

After a stressful day, if you are thinking of spending some time for your self and your loved ones somewhere away from everything than this is the best place to go for. A place without internet also allows you more space and time to think creatively and come up with new ideas. You can make your life more interesting and enjoyable just be sure to have fun with whatever you do in order to make the adjustment easier. Going without internet allows you to take some
time for yourself, which can help reduce stress level . You can create lots of memories with your loved ones just away from everything. And one can never regret going for it.